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Take a look at THIS – as of now we’ve got 58 people from multiple CrossFit gyms as well as Santa Barbara’s own Police Department signed up for our Day 4 Daisy event!

Folks, you’re going to have a lot of opportunities for charity workouts as CrossFitters. Eric and I both came up at our respective gyms doing Fight Gone Bad, the Trevor Win’e Memorial WOD, 31 Heroes and the like.

All of them are worthy causes, but all of them support people outside of our community. Here we have an opportunity to make a difference in the life a young girl right here in Santa Barbara – and get a great workout in – and meet some other kick ass human beings for a Saturday of working out, eating and drinking.

Please if you haven’t already, go to the WEBSITE and sign up. Or get a group of your friends and co-workers to do the same. It’s $30 and all of the proceeds go to the family in this case. $30 is lunch for most of us or a third of your bar tab on Saturday night.

The best way to share the life you’re living filled with health, fitness, and community support is to let the people around you share in your experiences. Let them come and feel what it’s like to be cheered for by strangers, let them get some high fives (most adults don’t get high fived anymore, even after sex), let them get hugs, and let them wake up the next day and realize that you are a bad ass!

Join us for what is sure to be an amazing day!

Today’s Workout:
 1 Round For Time

500 M Row
3 Rope Ascents
30 Thrusters (95#/65#)
30 Box jumps (24″/20″)
3 Rope Ascents
800 M Run

  1. 1. What a strong, brave, beautiful little girl!

    2. I’m signed up and hope we can get everyone at CPC to do so!

    3. (most adults don’t get high fived anymore, even after sex)… I beg to differ

  2. Does the high five take the place of the post-sex cuddle?

  3. @KJ, attaboy T$!


  4. Amazing family, great cause, such a brave and strong little girl! Daisy is such a fighter! After 6 surgeries, 22 rounds of chemo and 2 courses of radiation at 8 years old, Daisy Love Merrick is facing cancer and fighting for the third time. Daisy should be receiving her stem cell transplant any time now in Israel. Lets show our support, work out and give lots of sweaty high fives!!

  5. She is a beautiful girl and so so strong –

    Anna – on the workout I notice that the hspu and deadlifts are modified – I’m assuming that I can use a band for the pullups? Still can’t do them but not for lack of trying.

  6. All the cops are fired up to help out with this great cause ! Hey … speaking of FIRE, where are the firefighters ?? This event isn’t actually DURING dinnertime, so they should be able to make it …

  7. ADA GIRL DAISY!! We are WODg for you this Saturday at Crossfit Five Cities (Grover Beach) and Crossfit 3 (Santa Maria). Keep fighting Little Warrior!

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