Bee, KJ and JJ working their way through Murph.

Are we not taking Paleo far enough?!  Check out this article in Outside Magazine (you should recognize a lot of the names in it) on a movement that is not only incorporating the Paleo Diet, but Paleo Exercise.  Here’s a quote from the ARTICLE.

”These days, low-carb, high-protein diets are embraced by everyone from professional athletes to suburban moms. While the paleo approach is considerably more holistic than, say, the now disparaged Atkins diet, not everyone is buying it. The influential nutritionist Marion Nestle, for example, has questioned the wisdom of completely eliminating grains and dairy from our table. “It’s never a good idea to restrict food groups unless you have to,” Nestle says. “These foods have been eaten by humans for a long time with much pleasure as well as nutritional value.” Others, like Katharine Milton, a respected anthropologist at UC–Berkeley, argue that paleos’ fundamental presumption—that we have been unable to adapt to relatively new types of foods since the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry—is flawed. Humans, Milton argues, have always, even in Paleolithic times, adjusted to their changing environment, nutritional and otherwise, quite well.

Despite the lack of consensus, by the time I get to caveman camp, premodern diets and exercise are a small but growing phenomenon. NFL veteran John Welbourn preaches the paleo diet to his former teammates on the New England Patriots. Endurance gurus like Joe Friel, who, along with Cordain, co-authored The Paleo Diet for Athletes, urge triathletes to try it. Similarly, books like Christopher McDougal’s Born to Run, about Mexico’s Tarahumara tribe, are inspiring people to run barefoot or nearly barefoot, helping jack sales of Vibram FiveFingers by a factor of five in just the past year. Countless Web sites, books, and blogs have sprung up too, along with a handful of local paleo clubs across the country whose members gather to do things like learn archery and make grass-fed-beef jerky.”

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Today’s Workout:
Box Squats 5-5-5-5
Followed by:
1,000 M Row
50 M Overhead Walking Lunge (65#/45#)
25 Burpees