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Rest can be your best friend, both after the WOD and beyond.

Last week my workout log looked like this: Mon – surfing, Tues – surfing, Wed – surfing twice, Thurs – surfing, Friday – off, Saturday – off, Sunday – off.  Why you ask?  Well the week before I had an interesting thing happen.  I was wrestling up at Paragon and about halfway through my last roll with one of the guys, I had the thought, “I really really want to go home, I do not want to be here.”  Interesting huh?  Afterwards I was sitting in the locker room thinking about what the heck was going on and thought over the previous 10 days.  They’d included regular CF workouts, jiujitsu workouts, multiple double workout days, a full weekend gymnastics seminar, Fight Gone Bad, a speech contest, a full day CEU class and a lot of outside work.  In essence, I hadn’t had a day off of working out or high activity and was clearly overtrained.  My elbow hurt, my knee hurt, my neck hurt, my wrists hurt, I was cranky (this is still up for debate, I think that I was just “correct” more often than usual – clearly not my fault), wasn’t sleeping, didn’t have much of an appetite and was literally dragging myself to workouts.  I tell you this to give you a concrete example of what NOT to do!  I screwed up and let myself skip out on some much needed rest days and decided that a week of light surfing was about all that I could handle physically, mentally and emotionally.

Please know folks, that as much as we love seeing you all every day – if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms please come talk to us – and be prepared to hear, “first you need to take a week or so off”.  Remember, just like during a workout – rest is a weapon in your arsenal.  Use it wisely. 

1)     Aches, pains and injuries that are increasing in intensity and aren’t responding to therapies
2)     Emotional mood swings
3)     Frequent colds
4)     Insomnia or a racing mind at night
5)     A strong desire to not workout
6)     Reduced libido
7)     Frequent headaches 

Today’s Workout:
Handstand Practice – 10min. 
Deadlift  275#/165#
Dumbbell  Thrusters 35#/20#. 
Followed by a 2min Cumulative L-Sit

  1. Excellent post! I try to make it a habit of taking between 3-5 days off every 4-6 weeks. I’ve found it makes a HUGE difference in my overall physical well-being and my state of mind.

  2. I agree with Migs agreeing with this post. I’ve found that rest days are crucial and in the short run and long run can be just as important as regularly showing up. Who here really wants to start suffering from reduced libido? We’re forced to give up so much already.

    Smart recovery equals happy Crossfitters.

  3. I agree with baker who agrees with mugs who agrees with travers post

  4. **Migs

  5. Just take more naps IMO

  6. I too agree. As evidence, I’ve decided to take 3 months off to really recharge my batteries and get my CF focus back.

    There’s no shame in walking, there’s no shame in walking, there’s no shame…

  7. I love this picture… Dahl is meditating in his rest, JT is salivating (head to floor), and Otsen can’t figure out why his shirt feels sooooo heavy on his chest. Just goes to show we all rest differently. I am going to ditto Migs, Baker, and KJ, and give 2 thumbs up to ZD!!! NAPS!

  8. Gotta agree about overtraining, and overdoing it in general, which I tend to do. (My motto: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.) Numbers 1-7 were basically me all summer. As to being more “correct” than usual, it’s a cross I have to bear.

    The Claw

  9. That’s not Otsen, it’s me. Otsen is still on the rower…

  10. It’s a common mistake Morrison, men in tights all look the same.

  11. lol…my bad Zach… I should have noticed your nifty blue flying shoes! I stand corrected!

    Claw… it looks like I do not suffer from being More Correct lol!!

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